What are Wedgetail Ignitions?

Wedgetail Ignitions use the OEM design architecture of your BMW Airhead from the /5 to the last of production in 1996, to bring your bikes performance into the 21st century. Conceived, designed, and built in Australia, The Wedgetail ignition system has been fabricated from the ground up, using only premium known brand microprocessors and other components, a completely new ignition curve and management program to work and sync perfectly with your bikes valve timing. From this and 2 years of development and rigorous road and bench plus dyno testing comes the best riding experience ever from your machine and the most reliable (with a 2-year full) warranty ignition system for your peace of mind.

Below is a short video explaining our top of the range, dual processor, twin hall trigger system and its dual redundancy capabilities:


“Mark fitted a Wedgetail Ignition System to my 1979 R80/7 (1000cc) Airhead for testing purposes as part of the development process of his new product range. The Wedgetail has been in my bike for around 8 months. Mark has done extensive work to my bike over the years. I previously had the common electronic ignition that has been available for some time. It was better than original but the bike stopped making power at about 4500rpm. It now pulls hard making power all the way to the redline in every gear, effortlessly. Easy cold starting with little or no choke, smooth (low) idle and it spools up fast. I can absolutely confirm that this ignition module has made the single biggest difference to my bike of any modification to date. The bike has had all the upgrades and care that Mark affords all the Airheads that come to his workshop. Now the work done has all come together and the bike just works like a more modern motorcycle.

Thanks to you and your team Mark for taking the time to genuinely research and develop a system that gets the best out of these wonderful old bikes. It’s still the bike I have always loved, it’s just easier to get along with now with a definite feeling of having more useable power”.

- Jay Webb

Got mine few weeks ago. I posted on a couple of Airhead pages including R100RS.

There was nothing wrong with the BB ignition system it had, but what a difference the Wedgetail has made. I reckon it’s the best single investment I’ve made on any motorcycle. The bike just seems more energetic and eager to go. Smooth as silk as well. I did the pot of water on the seat today, I couldn’t believe there was barely a ripple (after a bit of advice from Mark Re tweaking the carbs).

The one quirk with the BB ignition is it hated starting when cold. A couple of weeks ago I purposely let it off the trickle charger for a week and left the bike outside overnight. The next morning, with a layer of frost over it, it fired straight up. I was stoked.

I love the videos Mark posted today, and it really is that easy to fit. Mines a 78 model.

- Peter Nugent

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